Privacy Notice

Why we collect personal data

In order to operate effectively, Bexhill Choral Society needs to gather, store and use certain forms of information about individuals.  These individuals may include members and potential members, volunteers, audiences and potential audiences, Friends of the Society, employees, contractors, suppliers, business contacts and other people the Society has a relationship with or regularly needs to contact.  

Data collection and processing

  • The Society is committed to maintaining high standards of data protection, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  
  • We only collect personal data where lawful and where it is necessary for specific purposes, and will not collect more data than is required for the intended purpose.  
  • When collecting data, the Society will always explain to the individual why the data is required and what it will be used for, and will provide a method for showing active consent for such use (e.g. a signed form).  
  • We will never use data for any purpose other than that stated or that can be considered reasonably to be related to it.  
  • We will never pass on personal data to third parties without the explicit consent of the subject, unless required to do so by law (e.g. for tax purposes).  
  • Access to data will only be given to relevant trustees/committee members/members, or to other individuals involved in the Society’s activities (e.g. Director of Music), where it is clearly necessary for the efficient running of the group.  
  • The Society will keep data on individuals for no more than 12 months after our involvement with the individual has stopped, unless there is a legal requirement to keep records (e.g. Gift Aid declarations).  
  • We will ensure that data held by us is kept secure, e.g. electronically-held data will be held within a password-protected and secure environment.  

Data Controller

  • The Secretary acts as the Data Controller, and together with the Trustees (Committee), is responsible for establishing why personal data is collected and how it will be used and processed.  
  • Any questions relating to the collection, storage or use of personal data should be directed to the Secretary as Data Controller.  
  • The Data Controller will perform a regular audit of what personal data is held and who has access to it, and will ask members, volunteers and any others holding personal data to check and update the data they hold on an annual basis.  
  • Any individual will be able to check and update their personal data at any point by contacting the Data Controller.  

Rights of individuals

Any individual has the right under the GDPR to access their personal data, to be provided with information about how their personal data is processed, to have their personal data corrected, to have their personal data erased in certain circumstances, to object to or restrict how their personal data is processed, and to take any complaints about how their personal data is processed to the Information Commissioner.  All requests related to these rights should be made to the Data Controller.  


  • When an individual joins Bexhill Choral Society as a member, we may need to collect some of the following information: name, address, phone number(s), email address, voice, Gift Aid declaration.  This will be done using a form which clearly explains what the data will be used for, and enables the member to show consent through tick boxes and a signature.  
  • By being a member, members consent to having their name and voice part published in concert programmes (members are asked how they wish their name to appear).  Members may withdraw their consent at any time.  
  • To facilitate communication amongst members, a printed list containing members’ names, addresses, phone numbers and voice section is issued, to current members only.  On becoming members, individuals are required to give written consent for their information to be included in this list, and members may withdraw their consent at any time. Members are requested not to give this list to non-members, and to dispose of it securely.
  • A ‘communication list’ of members’ names and phone numbers is additionally distributed in printed form to 5 members/committee members, to enable each to phone a subset of members in case of the need for urgent communication, e.g. last-minute cancellation of a rehearsal.  
  • Committee members/trustees may also have access to members’ email addresses, but only where this is necessary for the efficient running of the choir.  Consent to hold and use email addresses is obtained when new members join the choir.  
  • Committee members/trustees may have access to personal data such as email address or phone number of new or potential members who have not yet joined the choir, but only where this is necessary for communication with the individual in relation to joining the choir; this data will not be used for other purposes, or retained if the individual decides not to join.  
  • Email messages from one member may be forwarded to another/others at the discretion of the Secretary, but email addresses will not be given out to members without the consent of the subject.
  • Group emails will be sent using the Bcc option, so that addresses are not shared.  We will generally only send members information directly related to choir activities, although very occasionally information about other local musical events may also be sent.  

Marketing and publicity

  • Bexhill Choral Society will regularly collect limited personal data from consenting supporters for marketing purposes, e.g. contacting them to promote concerts, and updating them with news of activities and events. The data usually consists of name and email address, and individuals will be required to show specific consent to receive these communications (i.e. a signed mailing list request form which includes an explanation of what the data will be used for).  Individuals may unsubscribe from emails at any time.  Data is not passed to other organizations.  
  • Photographs may sometimes be taken of Society events, particularly concerts, to be used for publicity purposes, for instance on the website, social media or in the local press.  Members will be asked on joining the Society to give consent for their image to be used for this purpose.  Names will not be used without specific prior consent.   Members may withdraw consent at any time.  
  • Personal data may at times be collected from local businesses who wish to advertise in concert programmes; this data will only be used to communicate with them in relation to such advertising.  

Friends of Bexhill Choral Society

  • Bexhill Choral Society will collect personal data from consenting supporters who become Friends of the Society.  
  • The data may consist of name, postal address, email address and possibly phone number, and may include a Gift Aid declaration.
  • Individuals will be required to show specific consent (through a signed form) for their data to be used for the purpose of sending communications about the Society’s events and ticket vouchers, and administering their membership and subscriptions.  
  • By becoming a Friend, individuals consent to having their names published in concert programmes, unless they specifically notify us otherwise.  

 Soloists, musicians and other performers

  • Bexhill Choral Society will collect certain information appropriate to arranging individuals’ participation in our events, and payment of any fees or expenses that are due.  
  • Unless specifically instructed in writing, where we are provided with an individual’s biography and photograph(s), these will be used for publication in the event programme and may also be used, in full or in part, on our website and social media, in promotional material or in press releases.  
  • Photographs taken during performance or rehearsals may include an identifiable image.  These photographs may be used on our website and social media and other publicity material, unless we are specifically instructed otherwise in writing.

Volunteers and Contractors

Bexhill Choral Society may collect personal data needed for communication and administration, or for the payment of fees or expenses. 

Event attendees (e.g. workshop participants)

  • Bexhill Choral Society may at times hold events such as workshops for non-members, and may need to collect some personal data (contact details) in order to organize and run the event.  
  • Without specific consent (e.g. a signed mailing list request form), participants’ data will not be used for other purposes.  

Website visitors

Our website does not currently collect any information about visitor access to our website, apart from any that is given through the contact forms provided.  


Bexhill Choral Society and the Data Controller may be contacted at any time via the website or via email

The Information Commissioner’s Office may be contacted via or at

The Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF